About Us


Our Employee's


Our technicians are salaried employees 

or owners (not commissioned) Well trained re-certified and bonded every year, 

have at least 15 years of computer field work,We enjoy computer Technology. 


Our Network Team


We have been doing wiring design and layout since 1979,Private homes.  For such big names as Goldman Sachs, Bank America, and American eagle, Calvin Klein. Doctor’s offices, lawyer offices, New home constructions. Wireless install for Restaurants, gas stations, POS Installs. But we prefer small and private setup the most.


Small is Better

We are a small company with a few, well versed employees that personalize every

    project. We don’t look for large companies, and turn down large projects, so we can       rest a sure we can stand behind our work and be proud you’re satisfied every time.  We can proudly say... 



Get to know the Owner

Thomas R.

Business Owner

 Thomas Rago is a computer repair and maintenance expert in Baltimore, Maryland. Since an early age (1978) he was fascinated with how computers work. After graduating 2 years at MIT, and follows new technology obsessively. He worked full time as a Wiring computer tech. 18 years local #3 union, all over the world in the 80’s and 90’s, while schooling at NYU. He holds multiple computer industry certifications including CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Repair Technician and CompTIA, Novel, MCSE from Microsoft, Network+ Certified Computer Network Technician, and licensed (1984) for low voltage electrical wiring.


Our Team is not afraid to do the hard work

All Pctroublesinc Team members, will tell you, what to expect and How much and give you a verified opinion, and a price in advance.