Myths And The real Facts


1. Private consultants are expensive Answer: Myth

Fact: It depends how you view things, you can bring your computer or laptop in to a big retail store wait 3 weeks to have it worked on for prices ranging from $165 to $300 (most $199) or the cost of a new computer. You get the same old slow computer back, and maybe you will not have to bring it back in 3 weeks for more work for another $199 to $300. Or you, just call PC Troubles one time it could cost upward of $99-300 one time get great (Software) advice and never have to bring your computer back, but for sure will tell your friends. facts

2. I just bought my computer so it must be setup right. Answer: Myth

Computers are assembled in factories loaded with a many trail software, factories get paid royalties to give you these trial software.

Fact: private consultants, study every day new software s, and care what they recommend. Because word of mouth is their business.

Pc Troubles knows 3 changes to your brand new computer, to setup, speedup, and minimize future damage. All these changes are proven facts, and can be found on the internet.

3. My family member has been doing computer repair for the government of some big company. He knows everything. Answer: Myth

Government employees and large company’s employees are told what software to use by some company heads (maybe getting kickbacks) for using particular software. Governments and large companies heads, don t research anything, they go for their own best interest. Or they rely on feedback from some, bored computer tech, that doesn't have time to research a particular software. Because he is there for a paycheck doing the same thing day after day.

Fact: Your family member s even with their good intentions can’t know everything most just want to boost their ego s showing off what they think they know. You don t pay them. Private consultants, do different things every hour, enjoy their work, and have time to study new ways of doing things.

4. Pc Magazine wrote an article on XYZ software it must be the best software to use.

 Answer: Myth

Look forward or back in the magazine see the full page Add for XYZ Company? (Yes)

You think Pc magazine gave XYZ Company that Add for free?

Fact:   XYZ Add cost $20,000 plus for that full page Add. Your washing machine can be the number one computer in A computer magazine next month for a mere $20,000.

5. I bought my computer at Best Buy so they know what is best for my computer. Answer: Myth

Best Buy sells electronics, they have salesman with no other incite, then their commissions. Their computer techs are 17-30 year old making $12 an hour with 90 day computer class training if at all.

Fact: You get better deals at Wal-Mart on the same computers. You might find the same tech from Best Buy, stocking shelves, in the food isle at your local Wal-Mart.

6. The Salesman knows what I need to buy to for my home or office. Answer: Myth

Salesmen are salesmen are salesmen they sell their own products! They don t care whether or not you buy the most expensive parts as long as you buy what their selling. Comcast, Verizon, Best Buy, Dell (online) will sell, the most expensive, things you don't need.

Fact: Most good Private consultants don't sell Computers. Pc Troubles inc. Employees, will not give advice unless they can back it up with years of Facts, and can Prove It to your satisfaction.